Vancouver 『Chinese Dance for Women』 What, When & Where, Registration, Fees ...


〖Vancouver Chinese Dance for Women〗


The program started on 2009 and runs every Friday.
It starts at 2:30pm until 5:00pm in the dance room on the second floor of Creakside Community Centre, 1 Athletes way, Vancouver BC.

1) Public transit: take the EXPO Line Skytrain to Main Street / Science World Station.
2) Public parking spot 2 hours free parking.

The instructor’s name is Kim Chen.
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes because you will be doing exercises. Training (Including posture、catwalk、developing feminine qualities etc...)、Participation in Performances、and Membership Activities ...

1) Members who join on or after July 1st, 2016 will pay a monthly fee of C$15.
2) Members who join on or after March 2017 will pay a monthly fee of C$25 (4 classes). One class C$8.

1) Kim:604 321 8568
2) Online Registration:
  a) you can register at [forum - leave your name and message to Kim];
  b) By
3) Walk in;
Larger groups (5+) please register by contacting email:

  To find out more information, please contact 604 321 8568 Kim。

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