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看电影学英语有法可循 宅妈收集很多youtube字幕电影 (E/C) 关闭
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ღ 阅图阁的图片带有◆/♦符号的代表有带英语字幕的视频(youtube 右下角落CC 点开on 即出字幕)。
ღ 有(E/C)的文章为中英双语,有英语原文。

Many people effectively learn English from Hollywood movie. Yet, you can see some friends, who watch thousand of hollywood movie, do not speak any words!! Right, the thing is you don't just watch it but you have to watch by learning purpose to create more useful entertainment.


The steps may annoy your emotion but if you want to learn English you better follow below steps. Otherwise, you may lost your time and effort without nothing.


Step1: Watch soundtrack movie (of course!!) and watch it with the subtitle on at the first time. Your eyes and ears should work equally at this stage. Try to understand the theme and the main idea of the movie.

第一步:看有声电影(囧 不是废话嘛~),第一遍的时候带着字幕看。这一阶段,你的眼睛和耳朵应当同时工作。试着理解片子的主题和大意。

Step 2: Watch it again, still with subtitle on, but now try to minimize the use of your eyes on the subtitle. Listen as much as possible and look at the subtitle only when you really do not understand. Skip all small detail at the first time and slowly increase the amount of learning by decreasing the number of time you stop the movie.


Step 3: Watch it without subtitle. It sounds tough but believe me, after enough practice at the first two steps, you will find it easier to watch the movie in pure English.


You may need to spend sometime to pass the first two steps. Do not reach the last step to early because it can greatly discourage you. However, if you reach it when you are ready you may never imagined that English is such a piece of cake for you.



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